Mystique Grove Slots

October 15, 2020 by No Comments

Mystique Grove is a unique video slots game that offers a beautiful and relaxing spin on casino gaming. Designed and developed by world renowned casino games developer Microgaming, you can be assured the game meets world class standards of online gaming.

The game of Mystique Grove itself tells a classic tale, set in a land full of fairies, witches, owls and elves. Anyone familiar with or who enjoys the diverse woodland creatures from the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, will feel right at home in this tranquil and serene slots game setting.

Look and Feel of Mystique Grove

Everything about the game spells beauty, serenity and mischief. The relaxing and calming music that sets the tone during normal play is prone to ramping up to get the blood boiling when potentially lucrative spins are around the corner. The graphics on the other hand also add to the serene aura of the game, with a beautiful and magical tree playing centre stage to the reels with all the symbols and backdrop made of tranquil wood and leaves.

The whole point to the game is to find the secret garden where the most beautiful flowers grow and then create a bouquet out of the blossom you collect.

Bonus Games and Wild Symbols

Mystique Grove is a standard Microgaming “243 ways to win” video slots game that houses 5 reels. The wild mushroom is considered the wild card and as with all wild cards, can replace any other symbol on the reels in order to complete a winning line.

The Mystique Grove logo itself is the scatter symbol and is used to trigger the bonus game. In order to get the bonus round going, you need to land 3 of the Mystique Grove scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. When this happens the bonus round begins and all the symbols on the screen turn into two different types of flowers. Each of the flowers can be clicked on to reveal coins which can later be collected. The total number of coins won during the bonus round is then added to the player’s total coins and the game returns to normal.

Other Features

Mystique Grove comes with a whole host of additional features that are common amongst other Microgaming games. An “Auto Play” feature allows the player to choose a pre-set number of spins they want to play, the amount they wish to wager, and then the game will spin for them. The Auto Play, or Auto Spin feature can be stopped at any time to allow the player to regain control.

The game also comes with a stop option. The player can spin the five reels and then click the “Stop” button at any point of their choosing. This feature is added for those who like to control their own fate and determine their own luck.

All in all, Mystique Grove provides a fantastic and magical journey into the land of video slots. It plays well, holds a lot of bonus features and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of players.