Mentioning about iPhone Optimized Tequila Poker

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Tequila poker is a relatively new, online exclusive game. It is a variant of standard poker, essentially combing the game with blackjack. Tequila poker was developed and copy righted by Playtech, a leading software developer of casino games. With so many poker variants available that are essentially very slight variations on the standard game, Tequila poker is a big change. This title is aimed at single player play. It is a great title to play solo on your iPhone as the rules and game play are simple.

The Rules of iPhone Online Tequila Poker

iPhone Online tequila poker is played with a standard 52 card deck. Play starts when players place an initial wager. You then receive four cards face down. You can now either play Tequila rules, High Tequila rules or fold. High Tequila means that you will try and make the highest possible hand total by adding the values of your cards on hand together. Cards are valued at standard blackjack value, except the Ace will only count as 11.

Players can also choose to play Tequila Poker rules, which mean that they will try and make a high value poker hand, starting at a pair of Aces. In both cases only the five best cards are taken into account. Once a player has chosen his rule set, they will receive two more cards for a total of 6 in hand.

The Tequila Poker Pay Out Ratio

iPhone Online tequila poker features a slightly altered pay out table as compared to standard poker or blackjack at If players choose to play standard Tequila poker, standard poker rules apply to making a winning hand, but the pay ratio varies from standard poker games. Any hand lower than a pair of aces will result in a loss of your initial wager. The pair of aces will result in a 1 to 1 pay out ration. Two pairs pay out 2 to 1. Three of a kind and a straight pay out 3 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively. A Flush will pay out at a ratio of 7 to1 and a full house will pay out at 8 to 1. Just like in standard poker, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush are the three highest valued hands; they pay out 15 to 1, 50 to 1 and 200 to 1.

Playing iPhone Tequila Poker

The High Tequila Pay Ratio

If players are not happy with their Tequila Poker odds, and they opt to go for the High Tequila hand, the payout ratio is determined by the value of the cards in hand. Any hand that totals less than 46 is considered a loss. Scoring between 46 and 48 pays out 1 to 1, a score of 49 is worth a 2 to 1 pay out. A hand of 50 pays out 3 to 1. A total of 51 pay out 4 to 1. A hand of 52 pays out 7 to 1. 53 pays out at 15 to 1. The highest hand total is 54, constituting four aces. This pays out the same as a royal flush at odds of 200 to 1.