Classic Style Crazy 7 Online Slots

October 15, 2020 by No Comments

Crazy 7 is a vintage-style three reel video slots game with only one payline. Crazy 7 has, as its creator, the software giant Playtech. Playtech is a publicly traded company that is famous for developing state-of-the-art software for online casinos, poker rooms, bingo rooms, live dealer gaming, mobile gaming and land-based networks.  The comprehensive Playtech playlist contains so much more than Crazy 7, with over 250 games. All games are available in Flash as well as downloadable versions are completely customisable in terms of speed, sound effects and screen size.

The game of Crazy 7 has a pure and classic feel about it. Derived directly from the brick and mortar casinos where the slots machines form a chinking, colourful swathe of activity, players stand to experience the real, original thrill of pure slots play, simply improved and developed to create an unforgettable online slots adventure. With the Playtech software, it can be expected that the functionality, graphics and sound are of the very highest quality.

Simplistic Slots

The attraction of the Crazy 7 classic slots game is that it is very easy to play and the pay tables are easy to understand. The ideal way to start playing online slots is by betting small amounts of money and once familiar with the game play, gradually increase the bet until the maximum betting is achieved. Using the wide variance in coin denomination selection, this can be achieved with ease. The game does not have any special, complicated features like wilds and free spins to be concerned over, because it only has three reels, and a single payline. The reels are bedecked solely in sevens of different colours. The jackpot payout of this game is 400 coins, while the second highest payout is 200 coins.

The Colour of the 7’s is Key

Crazy 7 is a traditional online gambling machine that looks like the interior of a bowling club, and offers excellent graphics and background music. The paytable and reel payout combinations are clear and easy to understand. There are no progressive jackpots to worry about either. There is also no bonus feature to take players’ concentration away from the base game either. Crazy 7 features three reels with only one symbol. This symbol is the number 7 and it is available in three colours; green, blue and red. As a rough rule of thumb, it seems the brighter the shade of the 7 then the higher the winnings. A good winning combination is three blue sevens, but to improve on that combination three green sevens need to appear. This is the 200 coin jackpot. Bet the maximum number of coins, however, and achieve three red sevens, then the top jackpot, the 400 coin award, is paid.

This very simplicity, aligned with the solitary reel symbol, is the attraction of this online slot machine. The possibility of winning one of the biggest two jackpots is therefore much higher, and it is won more often. This constantly pending large jackpot win raises the excitement levels of the game without having to resort to fancy effects and features to keep players interested.