Big Red Slot Alternatives

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When looking for big red slot alternatives, one first must understand big red slot itself.

Big Red Slot is an online slot with 5 reels and 5 paylines. The name of the slot comes from the nickname of Australia’s largest sand dune. This sand dune is located in the Simpson Desert in Australia.

The art style for this slot is a realistic cartoon art style and the use of red is prominent throughout. In the background, behind the reel, the player can see a desert scene that is soaked in a red hue. On the ground, there are small scrub brushes and sparse tufts of dried and dead grass. There are also food prints from the different animals that are present in the desert region of Australia’s outback area. At the top of the background, the player can see dark mountains in the far off distance with tinges of red highlights. Behind the mountains is a red and orange sunset which completes the desert theme. To the left and the right of the reel are the paylines. From top to bottom, there is a white four in a green background, a white two in a purple background, a white one is a teal background, a white three in a red background and a white five in a green background. These are there to show the player the winning paylines in this game.

In the top left of the screen, the player will see their credits, bet and win numbers. These are all highlighted with yellow lettering. Below the reel, the player has additional information and options. The first option is a green triangle that serves as an auto start button. The second option is a yellow button with the words 1 line written in black. The third option is a yellow button with the words 2 lines written in black. The fourth option is a yellow button with the words 3 lines written in black. The fifth option is a yellow button with the words 5 lines written in black. There are three additional buttons the player can use. These include a red button that says bet one, a black button that says max bet and a green button that says start.

Big Red Slot Symbols

The first symbol in Big Red Slot is an orange dingo. The second symbol in Big Red Slot is a black wild boar with white tusks. The third symbol in Big Red Slots is a green and yellow crocodile. The fourth symbol in Big Red Slots is a red hawk. The fifth symbol in Big Red Slots is a desert scene with a black tree. The sixth symbol is a kangaroo. There are also the normal slot symbols including a 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.

Big Red Slot Alternatives

When searching for Big Red Slot alternatives, it is helpful for the player to look at other games produced by Aristocrat Technologies. Perhaps the best Big Red Slot alternatives will be those games which have a similar setup such as those which have five reels and five paylines. Another thing to consider when looking for Big Red Slot Alternatives is the art style and subject matter. Is the player interested in wild life slots or outdoor slots? If so, then those types of slots may be exactly what they are looking for. Player’s should consider Untamed Wolf Pack or even Mermaids Millions when looking for the perfect alternative to Big Red Slot.